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Deb worked with both of our daughters throughout high school and truly set them up for success in all of their math classes, starting with geometry and extending through calculus and SAT prep. She understood in depth how each of the girls worked and learned, and could quickly tailor her teaching based on each child's needs. Deb also acted as an advocate for them on several occasions by flagging issues or making suggestions that helped them in areas beyond math. Each of the girls went from feeling like they were struggling in math to consistently earning A's, and each improved their SAT math score by 100 points. The biggest benefit of working with Deb, beyond high school grades and test scores, however, was that each now has a very solid foundation in math and feels confident using it in college and life.

Lincoln parent



If you’re in the market, Deb is the real deal for SAT math prep. While not inexpensive (like a Khan Academy), Deb clearly knows the code and can help your specific teenager improve if they’re willing to do the work. Our son’s math score went from 640 to 740. And he has a math IEP! She helped lower his anxiety, precision focus his prep on weaker areas, alter his test-taking strategy for max time use, and show him how SAT test developers “think”. A colleague I trust (and former SAT coach) sagely told me that standardized testing is definitely “coachable”. Only if you have the right coach would be my addition. Deb is that person. Good luck!

Concord MA



Hi Debra!

I don't know if Katie told you but she was accepted early decision to Colgate University! We are all so excited. I have to thank you 1000 times over because you helped her so much. You not only helped her increase her SAT score 140 points but you also gave her the confidence to do well in her math class. Her grades are phenomenal.
Thank you!

~ Kerri C.
Wellesley parent



Dear Deb,

We want to formally thank you for the help you have given to our daughter this year. Our daughter is a good student but math does not come easily or naturally to her. Your exceptional skill and dedication as a teacher have made a tremendous difference in her life. Many times this year our daughter arrived at your home distraught and confused over math concepts and emerged one hour later capable and confident. What began as a very difficult and stressful year in pre-calculus ended with our daughter feeling that she had mastered the concepts and done her best. We believe that you achieve these results, not only because you are a masterful teacher, but also because you are an exceptionally caring person. You made extra time whenever possible, communicated with the classroom teacher about curriculum and suggested many strategies for success. Our daughter always knew you were rooting for her. We cannot thank you enough.

With Our Very Best Wishes,

Chris and Kim Winter
Wayland, MA



"Debra is wonderful and I absolutely recommend her math tutoring! Our child began high school struggling with math. After starting working with Debra the subject matter became clearer and homework and tests more manageable. Debra made herself available for questions any time between sessions. Every quarter, math grades went up until our daughter was getting As. We were thrilled. Debra is easy to work with for parent and student and we are so grateful we found her. Thank you, Debra!"

~Sudbury parent



"I know of many parents who seek out tutors for their kids to help them excel at math. We spent years searching for a tutor who could help our son SURVIVE math. Each year was a new tutor, a new approach, a new hope that our son would connect with a tutor and the material required. Then we found Deb. Quite literally, she has changed our son’s life. Blessed with a very young heart, Deb is demanding with a smile. She connects with kids, and is insanely passionate about helping each kid she works with find their best possible level of success. It took some time, and while our son’s dramatic improvement and confidence in math might be considered the defining metric of that success, the reality is that the best indicator of how special Deb is remains the fact that we never had to battle to get him to a session with her. Math will never be “fun” for our son, but learning how to be better at it with Deb certainly was. And for that we are forever grateful."

~Maryann and Steve Connelly



“Debra is the math guru. She has been working with both my daughters for the last two years. They leave every session feeling more and more confident and get straight A’s in math with Debra’s help. My older daughter scored a perfect 800 on her SAT and SAT2 along with a 36 ACT. We couldn’t be more excited! Our younger daughter is already signed up to start SAT work with Debra this summer. I tell everyone I know about how great Debra is and many of my friends have used her for their kids. Everyone is so happy with her results and the kids genuinely love working with her. You will not find a better tutor.”

~Karen, Sudbury parent



"Debra Bieler-Klein tutored my daughter for the math portion of her SAT. We contacted Debra late in the process with a very short timeline. Debra jumped on the task, helping us to make thoughtful and practical decisions about timing and strategy for college entrance testing. Debra was efficient and strategic in finding the areas where my daughter could improve her score and working with those areas to bring her math score up 100 points from her PSAT score. As the parent, I appreciated Debra's responsiveness to my questions and support of our daughter's independence in the process. Debra’s tutoring was well worth the cost. She maximized the time by giving the student work to complete between sessions. Debra provides more than just math tutoring because she helps advise students and their families about the college application testing process. We will be seeing Debra again to assist with ACT and subject test (Math II) preparation. My daughter likes her and feels she is helpful and easy to work with. She liked going to tutoring! I highly recommend Debra."

~Lisa, Sudbury parent



"Debra is not only an amazing person, she is an exceptional tutor. From our first meeting with Debra, we knew our daughter would be in capable hands. Debra helped to prepare our daughter for the math portion of the SAT's. The test results far exceeded our expectations. Most importantly, our daughter has a renewed confidence in her math abilities. Debra is clear and concise with her students. She seems to know exactly what they need to achieve their goals. She is extremely talented and a true gift. We are extremely grateful to Debra. She's the best and we highly recommend her!"

~Denise - Sudbury parent



"Debra is a miracle worker! I contacted her towards the end of my AP Calculus course for a comprehensive review of the entire year. I felt as if my teacher had not spent enough time on the basics, making the later material even harder. During our first session, Debra knew exactly what I needed and immediately gave me the relevant practice problems. She was incredibly supportive and even showed me little tricks on my calculator to save time and other tiny technicalities of calculus. Additionally, she knew exactly how to convey the conceptual material in a way that I could easily understand. After a short time of working with Debra, I felt so much more comfortable with the material, got a great grade on the AP test, and feel confident taking the course again in college. Debra is an amazing tutor and I am so happy that I was able to work with her!"

~Sudbury Student



"Debra, what a difference you have made! To go from level 2 to level 1 to getting a 5 in AP Calculus is a true testament to her hard work AND what 1-1 teaching can do for a student. Thank you!"

~Sudbury Parent



"We could not be more pleased with Debra's tutoring. Our daughter was struggling with 9th grade geometry. We contacted Debra after a few alarming quiz grades. The one-on-one instruction with a professional is just what she needed. Her test and quiz grades improved IMMEDIATELY after beginning to work with Debra. She now has a deeper understanding of the material, greater confidence in the course, and renewed enthusiasm for math. Debra was able to really zero in on where she needed the help, and reinforce the material covered in class. I can also say that Debra relates well to teens, and my daughter looks forward to their sessions together. She now has a strong "A" in geometry, thanks to Debra!"

~Stacey - Sudbury Parent



"Dear Debra,

Just wanted to drop you a note to say Thank You! Our daughter was feeling a bit overwhelmed as midterms approached in her intensive math class. Her time spent with you helped answer all her questions and gave her the confidence she needed to do well on her exam. Which she did!! She is looking forward to working with you throughout the year. We are so grateful to have found you."

~Karen - Sudbury Parent




"We want to sincerely thank you for making our child realize that math is not something that he needs to struggle with to do well. He has gained so much self-confidence in his math abilities since you started tutoring him over a year ago! It is so nice to see him get excited when he receives a good grade! You have helped him comprehend a subject that he has never felt was his best, and this new confidence has spilled over to other courses he has taken at Lincoln-Sudbury. We are sure that the encouragem"ent you have given him has instilled a greater understanding of math. We believe that his new confidence will help him all through college and beyond!"

~Patti & Chuck Gedney



"You really showed our child that she is a capable math student. Obviously it was a huge boost to get the grades she hoped for but you also renewed her love of a subject that she always enjoyed. The confidence seemed to carry over to all her school work. I think your targeting certain "facts" and "hints" that need to be memorized helped a lot in eliminating panic on tests. Your knowledge of the high school curriculum made your tutoring more valuable. On top of it all, she enjoys seeing you - never a complaint about having a tutor come!"


~Julie Hebble



“......As I reflect on her year and that meeting that you, Celeste, Meredith and I held in November, I must say that everything you said in that meeting came true! You have inspired her to be an excellent Math student in a way that had never been approached before in her 9 years of schooling. We are very grateful and appreciative. I know she will remember you forever.”


~Edwin Derecho



"Dear Ms Bieler-Klein, I want to personally thank you for all that you have done for my kids and all the kids you have taught at L-S. I am so glad that Anna and Bridget had the opportunity to work with a teacher who truly 'gets' what teaching and mathematics is all about; the opportunity to wonder and explore mathematics and puzzle through problems until they make sense. If only all teachers were able to take that leap from the neat and tidy method of the procedural to the messiness of the process of understanding why things work. Your students have truly been blessed..."


~Linda Menkis



“...... I just wanted to email you to compliment you on how well you taught me. I didn’t think I would have to take calculus in college and ended up having to. I switched my major this past year so instead of taking it right away in my freshman year I took it this past semester. I was actually dreading the class because all my friends that took it the previous year barely passed the course and thinking back to high school I remember having some trouble with the subject. Needless to say, I got a not so great professor who I couldn't really understand but somehow I continued to get all 95’s and 100’s on my exams throughout the semester. It was weird, every time a new subject was introduced I remembered back to your class room and knew exactly what to do. I hadn’t even worked with calculus since that semester in high school. This was the first time I really experienced remembering something so much from my high school education and it helped me A LOT throughout this past fall semester. I thought I should email you and let you know how well you taught me and what an influence you had on my learning. I hope everything is going well for you. Enjoy your break!”


~Anna Konopa




I want to let you know how happy we are with our daughter’s most recent SAT test scores. She went up 350 points from her first SAT. There is no doubt in our minds that this was a direct result of both your “Boot CAMP” SAT class that she attended in August and also the additional one on one Math Tutoring that you did with her. I wish we had found you sooner! You were able to identify her weaknesses and focus on what she needed during the 6 weeks before the SAT test.


~JP - Marlborough MA